Our Founding Board Members


Victoria Shorr, Chair. Co-founder of the Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles, CA.

Caitlin Dempsey, Secretary - (Salish/Lakota), Marketing Coordinator at Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau; M.S. Nonprofit Management, The New School.

Carole Goldberg, Board of Trustees. Vice-Chancellor, Academic Personnel, UCLA; Jonathan D. Varat distinguished Professor of Law and former director of joint degree program in Law and American Indian studies; Professor Goldberg received the 2103 Lawrence R Baca Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Federal Indian Law. 

Jack Zeller, Board of Trustees - CPA, Board member and Treasurer for the Colorado Haiti Project


Mark Eisenbraun - Founding Partner of Walker Eisenbraun,

Sid Perkins - Managing Partner, Founder of Ion Energy Group.


Chris Griffiths - Community Activist. Creator of Sack Lunch Series, and 2012 Venice Family Clinic Irma Colen Leadership Award recipient for 10 years of service and helping to raise over 1 million dollars annually.

Ethleen (Takes the Robe Woman) Ironcloud Two Dogs - (Oglala Lakota). Tribal Technical Assistance Specialist, Education Development Center. PhD Candidate, Education, Colorado State University; Past Bush Foundation Fellow; Serves on board of Knife Chief Buffalo Nation, First Nations Behavioral Health Association, Rossalyn Carter Mental Health Task Force, and Bureau of Indian Education Advisory Committee for Children with Exceptional Education Needs.

Jennifer Zeller, J.D. - Brown, Harvard Law, Chair of the Archer School APA. 

Jodie Gillette, J.D. (Hunkpapa and Oglala Lakota) - Policy Adviser, Sonosky Law Firm, and former Special Assistant to President Obama for Native American Affairs in the White House Domestic Policy Council.

Laurel Ironcloud - (Oglala Lakota), BIA, Deputy Director, Indian Law and Order Commission, Washington, D.C.; J.D. University of Colorado School of Law.

Paul Cummins - CEO, New Visions Foundation. Founder, Crossroads School, New Roads School, Santa Monica, California. Author, Two Americas, Two Educations.

Susan Saltz - President of the Gary Saltz Foundation, Documentary Filmmaker and Founder of JUNTOS; M.S. Spiritual Psychology, University of Santa Monica.

Shirley Murphy (Oglala Lakota), Founder and President of Taspan Consulting Company, and U.S. Navy Veteran; B.S. in Linguistics, M.S. in Counseling Psychology, and Psy.D. candidate in Cultural Psychology