Mission, Vision, and Guiding Philosophy


Through an academically rigorous program grounded in Lakota culture, language, and values, The Pine Ridge Girls's School aims to empower the young women of Pine Ridge by fostering self-respect, a love of learning, and leadership qualities to help them serve and shape their world.


The Pine Ridge Girls' School will fill a void that, until now, did not exist on any reservation across the country: a safe-haven for young Native girls to immerse themselves in a culturally rich and academically rigorous college-prep school designed specifically for how girls learn best.

Our vision is to for the Pine Ridge Girls’ School to produce students who think critically, solve problems creatively, and demonstrate college-level skills that are consistent with their Tribal values. We hope to emerge as one of the authentic voices of the Lakota on Pine Ridge, serving as a model for Native girls and a source of inspiration for schools across the country.

Guiding Philosophy

The Pine Ridge Girls' School is founded on the values and traditions of the Oglala Oyate Nation. Guided by a vision for an educational experience rooted in culture, we are dedicated to the revitalization of tribal ways of living, especially as those ways ground our students in their journey to adulthood. 

We also value academic rigor and evidence-based program design. Our privately-funded school aims to break barriers to academic success and leadership development by changing the way that native students are taught. At the same time, our programs and services will reflect best practices in all-girls education, and will be driven by a commitment to help each young woman succeed. 

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