Empowerment at It's Best

Through an academically rigorous program grounded in Lakota culture, language, and values, the Pine Ridge Girls' School aims to empower the young women of Pine Ridge by fostering self-respect, a love of learning, and leadership qualities to help them serve and shape their world.

As the first ever Native American All Girls Prep School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Pine Ridge Girls’s School is a pioneering effort to reverse the history of injustice and to participate in the regeneration of the beautiful, enduring, and intensely impoverished Lakota community – starting with the young girls who live there.


Our Pilot Program & Vision

In August 2016, almost two dozen middle school students (6th and 7th grades) ranging in ages 12 to 13-years-old inaugurated our very first class. The Pine Ridge Girls' School will provide a solid foundation of curricular and instructional practices, grounded in Lakota philosophy and practice, and adapted from our nationally acclaimed sister schools—the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles & the Young Women's Leadership Network in New York. Grade by grade, the school will build a strong program enabling every girl to excel, go to college and then return as a leader for future generations. 

By 2022, the Pine Ridge Girls' School aims to be recognized as a top independent 6-12 Secondary School and set a new national standard by sending 100% of our first graduating class of Oglala Lakota girls off to college. Our goal is to create a model of Native American education in The Pine Ridge Girls' School--that not only benefits the Oglala Lakota, but also stands as a beacon for Native communities across the country to follow.